Fuck Yeah Metamorphose


Rose Birdcage Medium Frill Skirt 


All colors except the pink were sold out and restocked on 23/09/13 (except navy, which did not restock). 

Crown Label Magical Painting Scalloped Pinafore Dress


Black is currently sold out

Rose Birdcage Vest Pinafore Dress


Rose Birdcage Corset-like Pinafore Dress


Welcome to Fuck Yeah Metamorphose.  I decided to start this tumblr because it looks like the old Meta tumblr is dead and I really love Meta.  I’ll probably be slowly adding their newest items before I get to reblogging other’s posts. 

Summer Lucky Packs are currently on sale at Metamorphose for ¥8400.  This summer’s packs feature a fully shirred skirt, a t-shirt, an eco bag, and various accessories like socks, hair accessories, or other types of accessories.  It comes in a dark color or a light color variation like other recent Meta lucky packs.

The dark lucky packs were sold out but it looks like the re-stocked them earlier today.

(Source: metamorphose.gr.jp)